Apricot & Ginger

Apricot and ginger pieces in a creamy centre

Blackcurrant & Chilli

Strong blackcurrant flavour with a chilli kick

The Big Softy

A traditional soft caramel coated in smooth milk chocolate


Layers of soft caramel and banana

Café Latte

Soft coffee flavours in white chocolate sprinkled with coffee


A melt in the mouth soft butterscotch

Black Forest

Morello cherries and kirsch in dark chocolate

Chocolate Fudge

Chunks of real fudge in smooth milk chocolate

Canadian Cream

Soft white chocolate centre flavoured with maple

Darkest Rum

A 60% ganache centre made with a generous glug of dark rum

Coconut Spice

Warm spices with coconut in white chocolate.

Classic Champagne

A classic blend of chocolate and Marc de Champagne

Hazelnut & Coffee

A toasted hazelnut in a light coffee centre

Ginger Cup

A powerful dark ganache infused with ginger

Fig & Walnut Swirl

A milk chocolate with crushed walnut and fig pieces

Honey & Whisky

Smooth with a kick. A classic combination

Honey & Saffron

Sweet honey perfumed with real saffron

Honey & Fennel

A heavenly blend of honey and crushed fennel seeds


A smooth dark chocolate perfumed with lavender

Irish Cream Caramel

Baileys Irish Cream blended with smooth creamy caramel.

Mucho Mocha

Milk and dark chocolate flavoured with espresso. Rolled in coffee vermicelli

Lush Lime

Fresh lime juice and zest in a white ganache


Sweet lemon flavours of the famous Italian liqueur

Original Swiss

A crunchy traditional praline with a splash of brandy

Orange & Cointreau

A dark chocolate orange ganache spiked with the famous liqueur

Orange & Cardamom

Crushed cardamom with orange in dark chocolate

Raspberry & Cinnamon

Classic fruit and dark cocoa with cinnamon notes

Pecan Pie

Pecan pieces with caramel and maple praline

Peach & Saffron

Gentle peach flavours with a hint of rich saffron

Smoked Almond

A delicious hint of hickory smoke enriches this whole nut praline.

Royal Tea

Dark and Milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea

Tahitian Vanilla

Creamy Truffle with real Tahitian vanilla

Sultana Spiced Rum

Sultana soaked in rum and mixed spices

Strawberry & Cream

Strawberry and creamy white chocolate layers


Dark coffee layer with brandy cream

The Italian Job

Dark and powerful chocolate with a smooth amaretto centre